"We specialize in native plants, landscaping and restoration"

Here at Native Roots LLC we can help you complete any home landscaping project, or completely restore large wild land projects. We carry a variety of plants ranging from sagebrush to tall grasses and your everyday native wild flowers. Native Roots LLC is a line of brand-name native plants selected and worked on for predictability in residential and commercial landscapes.

Diversify the Plants in Your Landscape

Choose from a varied selection of native plants at our wholesale plant nursery in Twin Falls, ID

When you're looking for plants for a landscaping project, turn to Native Roots LLC. We specialize in native plants, landscaping and restoration work in Twin Falls, ID. You'll find a wonderful selection of wholesale trees and plants at our nursery. If you can't find the right plants for your project, we're also here to help as your wholesale grower.

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Native Roots, LLC specializes in native plants and all that comes with them. We have two main lines of plant material that we work with, Native Roots™, (NR™) is our branded line of selected native plants for residential and commercial applications. We also have our Genetically Diverse (GD) native plant and seed offerings which, provided by Native Roots, LLC, are numbered in the thousands of species. In addition to our Native Plants we have a full garden and CSA program.

The benefits of choosing our plants

Before you get started on your next landscaping project, you'll want to make sure you buy hardy and beautiful plants. When we grow plants on our local farm, we strive to:

  • Retain the beauty of native wild plants
  • Grow within a consistent set of potential traits
  • Create practical and beautiful options for every landscape

You'll find a wide range of genetically diverse native plants at our wholesale plant nursery, including native trees. When you stop by, you'll also enjoy the beautiful butterflies that pollinate our plants and keep them healthy. Visit us today if you need plants for your next landscaping project.

Wondering what makes us tick?

Native Roots is the brainchild of Dr. Steven Love. Dr. Love acquired seeds native to the west and spent years developing stable varieties that suit urban and residential landscapes. Three years ago, we built our 14-acre local farm with 130 plots for seeding. This has resulted in a beautiful selection of plants from Dr. Love's work that can flourish in urban environments. With plants from our wholesale plant nursery, you can create beautiful urban or residential landscapes that last.

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