Native Roots™ Plants


Native Roots LLC specializes in native plants and all that comes with them. We have two main lines of plant material that we work with, Native Roots™, (NR™) is our branded line of selected native plants for residential and commercial applications. We also have our Genetically Diverse (GD) native plant and seed offerings which, provided by Native Roots, LLC, are numbered in the thousands of species.

Native Roots™ Plants

The Native Roots™ branded line is a licensed collaboration between the University of Idaho and Native Roots, LLC. The intellectual property created by Dr. Stephen Love has been combined with the privatized business of growing native plants at Native Roots, LLC ultimately providing a product to market that has previously not been available. That product is best described as a predictable, and reliable native plant. Dr. Love selected for many factors in his search for beautiful plants native to the western United States.

Those criteria include but are not limited to:

  1. Ease of container production (seed to finish)
  2. Uniformity in a pot
  3. Bloom Duration
  4. Pollinator function
  5. Non-spreading habit from seed or root
  6. Uniformity in-situ
  7. Survivability based on water requirements (drought tolerant)
  8. Disease resistance
  9. Beauty!
As a direct result of the collaboration between the University and Native Roots, LLC there is now a commercially available line of native plants suitable for most regions west of the Missouri river and east of the cascade divide, north and south between the boarders of the United States extending north into the basin regions of central and western Canada.

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